The New Face of Patch: Tammy

In a brief but excellent item about the current post-AOL Patch landscape, Talking New Media’s D.B. Hebbard cites the following sad state of Midwestern affairs:

Several Patch sites appear to have become largely controlled by a local business that uses the site to promote their services. One Wisconsin site, for instance, only contains stories from someone labeled as “Tammy” who posts “opinion” pieces that may, or may not, actually be paid posts – it’s hard to tell.

We made the effort to track down Tammy’s work. What’s amazing is that Hale Global isn’t even trying to disguise the bot-like behavior of this contributor. And we’re betting that biography won’t be filled out soon.

For example, on Tuesday July 29, the last active content date for Tammy at Oak Creek Patch, she, he or it posted 45 items in a little over two hours (between 7:26 and 9:14 a.m.). At that rate, you can’t really blame Tammy for making mistakes, like sharing the item “Grow Smart: Don’t Just Survive – THRIVE!” at 9:03 a.m. and then again at 9:12 a.m..

And while small-business community-member tips may be well and good and cheap, there is a reminder below all this Tammy work that Patch readers, like many others on the Web, prefer a different kind of content. At press time, the top item “Across Ameria” is one about a state trooper who chose to drop his pants at a Maryland restaurant.

[H/T: Marty Chase]