AOL Launches AOL Advertising Politics

AOL appears to be positioning itself as a go-to ad destination for politicians and advocacy groups looking to persuade the masses prior to the 2010 mid term elections.

The company on Thursday (July 22) rolled out the AOL Advertising Politics hub (, which is designed to serve as a sales tool and do-it-yourself ad purchasing platform for political advertisers. The site provides detailed information and recommended tactics for multiple varieties of political campaigns, ranging from fundraising to location-based get out the vote efforts.

And off course, the site directs user to two different buying options. They can launch a campaign on their own via AOL’s Ad Desk platform, or opt to contact a sales rep.

Overall, it seems that AOL is betting that its massive reach and its breadth of buying options will appeal to political media buyers—particularly the less experienced groups that may jump online in a big way this fall. In fact, the group has assigned seven sales executives to focus solely on political campaigns.

“AOL has positioned itself to be the go-to resource for political marketers needing to reach their constituencies through our ability to reach target audiences at scale with our comprehensive set of innovative, highly-targeted products,” said Jeff Levick, AOL’s president, global advertising and strategy. “Our Politics hub lets campaigns and issue advocacy groups take their messages directly to voters and key influencers in a proactive way through display advertising, and we make the on-boarding process something that is simple, easy and intuitive.”