Another Step Towards Never Having to See Each Other Again

Uh oh ESPN Los Angeles. Looks like you’re going to have to step up your “hyper local” coverage, because Fungo Media just hit us with a press release for its miraculous new absentee-dad sports fan device: GameChanger.

The new GameChanger web/mobile tool from Fungo Media generates real-time streaming game updates from youth and amateur sporting events for fans and followers who can’t be at the field. Great for little league, high school and college fans/parents…

Hooray! Now instead of…you know…showing up to your kid’s little league game, you can sit on your couch and check the box score.

Out of town on business and can’t make the game? No need to call your kid and see how things went — you have all the info you need. Just send a text.

“Way 2 go sun! U need 2 take sum more balz 2 get ur OPS up. K cya l8r!”

Now if they could only invent something to get out of those crappy school plays…

I kid the GameChanger. A device that updates stats for high schools and small-market colleges could be very useful. We’ve been saying for years the Victor Valley Jackrabbits aren’t getting the kind of coverage they deserve.

One little hitch though — according to the press release, GameChanger will rely on coaches to update stats in real time through an iPhone. Begging the question, what coach in their right mind would update stats in real time during a game? I don’t even think Isiah Thomas would agree to do that.

Keep trying Fungo. ESPN ain’t sweatin’ it yet.

Photo via yourkidsnotgoingpro