Another Miller, Please…

Why did Judith Miller have to cause such a news storm on such a nice day?

Some other Miller notes from today:

  • “MSNBC owned Judith Miller’s release from jail on Thursday night. NBC’s Pete Williams broke the news on Hardball at 7:54pm. The AP didn’t confirm the news for half an hour, and CNN didn’t report it until the second half of Paula Zahn Now. didn’t post the news until 8:45pm. An e-mailer calls it “‘ big, big win on MSNBC…'” (TVNewser)

  • “I just was watching CNN as I woke up and I briefly heard that it took ten more days of negotiations before she was released. I was like-‘WTF?'” (Crooks and Liars)

  • “If you’re Bob Bennett, Judith Miller’s top-shelf lawyer, wouldn’t you try to clear this up before your client spent three months in jail? Something about this seems fishy to me.” (The Volokh Conspiracy)

  • Judy speaks, more than explains. Misses her dog. “I was a journalist doing my job and protecting a source.” (E&P)

  • “Could it be that, in the giddiness of the moment, Miller and her attorney(s) neglected to inform Times executive editor Bill Keller and publisher Arthur Sulzberger that their favorite martyr was out of the can and roaming Washington D.C., free as a bird? (CJR Daily)

  • “What does it mean that ‘Scooter’ Libby claims to be shocked that Judith Miller was protecting him and that he presumed she was shielding others?” (Greg Mitchell)

  • “Time magazine has been a tradition in America. (Yet)one federal prosecutor asks for some documents, everyone pulls their underwear over their heads and you turn them over. And not only that–Newsweek breaks the story. Jim [Kelly], what the f**k?” (Jon Stewart)