Another Matthews Moment

NRO’s Media Blog has noted yet another Chris Matthews moment. Sorry to disappoint, but there are no screeching monkey’s in this one, but we do have NBC’s David Gregory fielding some… err… interesting questions.

Matthews first addresses President Bush‘s admission that “Bring it on was a mistake.”

MATTHEWS: Do you think, as kind of a macho guy that he is, do you think he found it easier to make that confession to a woman — a woman from another country — rather than one of you toughies from the press room?

From NRO’s Stephen Spruiell: “Well, at least Matthews got the ‘from another country’ part right. The premise of his question — that the reporter was a woman — was completely wrong. As this video clip demonstrates, the reporter who asked the question was clearly male. Even the normally excitable David Gregory appeared flummoxed. ‘I didn’t see who actually asked the question,’ he stammered. But even if the reporter had been a woman… what?”

Yeah — we watched the clip. It is clearly a man. Come on Chris.