Anonymous Hack-Turned-Flack: ‘I Absolutely Loathe Pitching’

cold callHere’s a piece from The Guardian today that will sound familiar to quite a few of our readers: a journalist-turned PR professional is slightly taken aback by the chilly reception he/she receives from former colleagues.

“I have been hung up on, told to ‘fuck off till Friday’, heard my colleagues referred to as ‘PR wankers’ and experienced a general glaze of obnoxiousness over my media relations outreach. And all in the space of a scant six months.”

Ah, yes: cold calls. No one loves to make them and no one loves to receive them.

It gets better, though.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like my new job. It is challenging, educational, varied and rewarding. I communicate more efficiently now than I ever did as a journalist, and I’ve found that I have a head for business and human relations that I never knew I possessed. But I absolutely loathe pitching to the press.”

And now it’s time for the confession:

“…I’m mostly worried that I will be viewed in the same way that I used to view (some) PRs. As fluff, as an annoyance. As a media graduate not smart enough to break into journalism. As a trust-funder with a nice smile and a card for the bar.”

Ouch. The anonymous writer feels like maybe karma is returning to bite him/her in the “bum” but wants to believe that “PR and press is, and always has been, a symbiotic relationship” — which is accurate in a perfect or even a decent world.

Still, we can commiserate.

A relevant tip from one of our colleagues: don’t @ people on Twitter in the hope that they’ll respond to your pitches. Oh, and don’t rely too much on automation. For your own good.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.