AnonymASSES Go Wild

As some figured out by my outgoing email earlier in the week, I did something unheard of in some Washington circles — I took a vacation. While I was away from the Fishbowl, some AnonymASSES had some funny notes for me. Despite my outgoing message indicating I’d be off email, my phone, away from pens, etc… for several days, some still feared something sinister had happened to me. I had to assure some distinctly non-AnonymASSES that no, I was really just on vacation. One journo texted, “Are you really on vacation away from your phone?” Another sweetly inquired, “Are you ok? I was worried sick when I didn’t hear back and Peter couldn’t find you. Just hope you’re ok.” (Special note to Peter Ogburn: What in the hell? You knew at least vaguely where I was.) And still another: “Betsy you okay? Texted, no word from you. Hoping all is well.”

And now, here’s what a sampling of AnonymASSES had on their minds.

Sept. 24: “Fishbowl is hiring Brett Decker to beef up its Washington Times coverage. . . .?” (Actually, no, this isn’t happening. Decker is happily employed with the White House Writers Group.)

Sept. 24: “I just reported that Washington Post gossip columnist Amy Argetsinger told me she recently eloped.                          (FishbowlDC just did a story on me)” — (Investigative journo Evan Gahr has my email but chose to pitch this “anonymously.” Hey, no sweat. To each his own.)

Sept. 25: “Fishbowl going belly up? Just Morning at a Glance?” (Have some Washingtonians really not heard of the concept of not working for a few days?)