AnonymASS Tipster of the Week Part II

The sun was shining bright as we received this letter from an AnonymASS reader Tuesday afternoon:

“Why do you guys ALWAYS cover the same media outlets and personalities over and over? It’s really boring. How many times can you possibly provide updates on Politico, NJ, Human Events? Once in a while, readers would like to hear about more eclectic publications/news sites in the DC area: Washington City Paper (which probably boasts better writers than any other publication in town), Capitol File,, Washington Life,, etc.etc.etc.”

Note to reader: Hi ASS, thanks for writing in. First off, we feel no obligation to cover boring shit. Furthermore, we’ve covered all the publications and outlets you have mentioned above on more than one occasion. But if you’re suggesting that we cover some of those publications more, why don’t you get on THEIR asses to get publicists or editors (since many can’t afford or don’t want anyone giving information to reporters) to send us noteworthy news? In the meantime, we’ll pay closer attention and see if those outlets warrant more attention.