AnonymASS Tipster of the Week

Another reader (or maybe the same one) is troubled by our “Sunday Political Panel: Only Males Need Apply” feature.

AnonymASS writes, “ok, let’s see … well, for starters, you’ve identified two women (nia malika-henderson and sharon waxman) as men. actually, they’re women. so you’ll want to change that, k? secondly, your headline says “only males need apply” when, in “reality” (are you familiar with that concept?) there are 11 women appearing on the sunday shows this weekend. k? that means women make up 44 percent of the guests on sunday shows. so your sad little item, with its sad little picture, is nothing more than a sad, sexist rant. got it? good. have a great weekend.”

Dear AnonymASS: Well, for starters, it’s impossible to identify a woman as a man by simply writing their names. k? k? and k? Thanks for reading and offering your wisdom.

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