Anne Thompson on the Future of Hollywood Trades

It’s been a tumultuous year for Hollywood’s trade publications: layoffs at Variety; The Hollywood Reporter sold to new owners. Yet, with the growth of Deadline Hollywood and the emergence of The Wrap, not all news was bad news in the trade world this year. So who came out on top? Former Variety deputy editor Anne Thompson weighs in on her Thompson on Hollywood blog.

Variety is still too big to survive if it doesn’t make drastic changes, but I am not sure they care about adapting to the ways of the online world. It makes sense that they are retreating to a world-view they understand.

Meanwhile, while the The Wrap and Deadline Hollywood are growing traffic, they are also adding overhead and staff which are tough to sustain with current online advertising rates. If the new owners of The Hollywood Reporter are savvy about online (their staff already gets blogs and online marketing more than Variety does), they could well endure and thrive as a leaner, meaner online entity.