Anna At Oxford


The Independent notes that Vogue Editor Anna Wintour had an unanxious appearance at the Oxford Union yesterday. From The Independent:

”Anna Wintour side-stepped any cream chucking at Paris Fashion Week last night by dropping by to address the Oxford Union.

”The fur-wearing American Vogue editrix, who in 2005 was pelted with a tofu pie by animal rights activists, said the talk was ‘good timing,’ since it’s her son Charlie Schaffer’s last year at Oxford.

”Not the first time Wintour has shown Oxford her generous side. Two years ago, when Charlie helped to organise Magdalen College’s ball, Ma prompted the hip-hop icon Pharrell Williams to cross the pond and play at the bash gratis.”

Update From today’s Gawker: ”The veteran magazine editor didn’t say anything remarkable: career girls shouldn’t just have to wear navy pantsuits; and an interest in fashion does not make one shallow, apparently. It’s more the fact that she spoke at all: ‘she was quite nervous, always looking to her daughter for support,’ wrote one unauthorized blogger. So the fearsome editor, model for Meryl Streep’s heartless fashion witch in The Devil Wears Prada, is human after all.”

FishbowlNY asked readers what questions they would have asked Anna had you been in the audience:

”Why is beauty and fashion so important to pre-teen girls ages 8 to 12 who don’t read fashion magazines or go to fashion shows … but they want to shop and wear the new trends and buy from the cool stores and websites?” Renee Petro

”If you had just graduated from college — where (other than your
present company, of course) would you first apply for a job — and for
what type of position, and why you think that would be the best place
to prepare for the next fifty years?” Brady Westwater

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”Do you feel intimidated by the popularity of French Vogue’s fashion icon, Carine Roitfeld?” Mimi Taylor

”User submitted content and amateur stardom is ruling today’s media. How do you see the trends affecting fashion, as well as fashion PR/marketing?” Julia Yu

Good questions, all. Thanks again for your submissions.

(image via nymag)