AngryPaulRand Comes Clean, Reveals Himself

This summer in the design world, the anonymous Twitter feed, AngryPaulRand, became the online destination de jour for our set, taking over as the thing to talk about after the buzz surrounding Unhappy Hipsters had faded. The account closed back in mid-September, at the peak of its popularity, but now its creator has finally outed himself as one Mitch Goldstein, an MFA student of design at Virginia Commonwealth University. He’s posted this great essay on why he launched it, why he enjoyed being a fake, angry version of the beloved and famous designer, and why ultimately he had to shut it all down. It’s a great read and there’s a lot of good thought about what it means to be a designer along the way and in between all the Twitter talk. If you were a follower of Goldstein’s Rand writing, or even if you’re just being introduced to it now (where have you been?!), it comes as highly recommended reading.

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