Angry Birds Achieved 200+ Million Downloads. Tetris-like Popularity

I remember being impressed after hearing that over 6 million copies of Angry Birds had been sold through Apple’s iTunes App Store sometime last year. In November 2010, PocketGamer reported:

Angry Birds now up to 36 million downloads

This included 10 million paid downloads for the iPhone and iPad as well as millions of free downloads for Android. A mere six months later, Rovio, Angry Birds’ developer, reports an astounding 200 million downloads (of all platforms).

Angry Birds Tops 200 Million Downloads; More Than Double Its “Crazy” Forecast (TCTV) (TechCrunch).

Rovio confirmed 50 million downloads in December 2010, 75 million in January and 100 million in March. spike in downloads is clearly evident in the chart to the left that I created based on the reported download numbers. While not all (or even most) of these downloads were paid ones, I can’t help but compare Angry Birds’ success to Tetris which has reportedly had more than 100 million copies for cell phones sold between 2005 and 2009 (Wikipedia).