British Journalist Ups the #Brangelina Ante

A cheeky City A.M. headline.

The article text is just two single-sentence paragraphs. With a cursory link to TMZ, which this morning broke the news that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt.

But the headline conjured up by Caitlin Morrison, deputy digital editor for free London business newspaper City A.M., is more notable and, as a result, is getting a fair bit of attention on social media. It reads, cheekily:


Jolie was appointed this spring as one of the guest lecturers for 2016-17 LSE course “Women, Peace and Security.” Not to be confused with a separate two-day intensive of the same name, which runs this weekend, Sept. 22-23.

P.S. In fairness to Pitt, he is also more than just an actor.