Andy Warhol Foundation Threatens to Pull Funding from Smithsonian

Following our post yesterday about the outing of the conservative writer who launched the ongoing controversy at the Smithsonian and the National Portrait Gallery, more heat has been added to the story this week. The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, which had donated $100,000 to help fund the “Hide/Seek” exhibition that the Gallery decided to remove a piece by artist David Wojnarowicz after catching the drummed-up ire of political and religious groups, has announced that unless the piece is put back, they will stop donating money to the Smithsonian. Like many other arts groups, the Foundation had previously sent and posted a letter condemning the move to pull the art, but now they’ve taken it a step further. And while they themselves have only donated $375,000 over the past three years, which in the grand scheme of things must be a drop in the bucket for the Smithsonian, it’s certainly not the sort of thing the organization will be happy about, considering their worrisome financial situations of late; not to mention that perhaps this move might open the flood gates for other organizations to do the same.