Android Jelly Bean reaches 16.5% market share, Gingerbread market share falls again

Google today updated its developer dashboard, which showed Android Jelly Bean (version 4.1 and 4.2 combined) increasing its market share of the Android platform usage on devices by 2.9 percent month-over-month from 13.6 percent last month to 16.5 percent this month. Gingerbread, the hands-down leading version of Android running on active devices, dropped in market share by 1.4 percent to 44.2 percent of devices.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the second newest Android version behind Jelly Bean, saw its market share fall slightly from 29.0 percent to 28.6 percent. As for the remaining versions of Android, Froyo dropped again to 7.6 percent of devices, Eclair fell to 1.9 percent and Donut remained the same at 0.2 percent.

Samsung plans to reveal the Galaxy S4 on March 14, and it will most likely be running on Jelly Bean, and later updated to Android’s upcoming version 5.0, Key Lime Pie, whenever it launches. So, since Samsung is the top Android manufacturer, the South Korean company will likely continue to be a key driver in raising Jelly Bean’s market share, and eventually, Key Lime Pie’s.

All the data from Google’s developer dashboard was collected from android devices that had accessed Google Play within a 14-period, which ended on March 4.