Android Fragmentation Evident Even in Magazine Apps

Android may be the biggest thing in the mobile world right now. But, its continued fragmentation problems, unless fixed soon, will prove its undoing. Case in point: Magazine apps. Here’s something from All Things Digital, for example.

“Hulu For Magazines” Opens Its Android Newsstand

The fragmentation problem starts with the fact that the app is only available for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. But, the fragmentation appears to go beyond hardware manufacturer branding. These magazine apps will only be available on Samsung Galaxy Tab devices on the Verizon Wireless network based on the information on the Next Issue website. So, if Samsung Galaxy Tab users on other wireless carriers, they are out of luck as are, apparently, Motorola Xoom tablet users on Verizon.

Yes, product exclusives are nothing new. But, this kind of product exclusive is a bit too exclusive.