Android eReader App Challenge: Kindle vs. Nook

With Amazon Kindle’s new Android app facing off against Barnes & Noble’s Android app, it’s hard to understand the differences without actually seeing the programs in action. Now you can actually compare the eReading experiences for yourself in the video embedded above.
Over at the YouTube channel Pocketnow Video, we uncovered that practical comparison between the two free eReader apps for Android smartphones.
Here’s an excerpt from the post: “But which app is better? That might not be the right question to ask. BetaMax was technologically “better” than VHS, HD-DVD was technologically “better” than Blu-Ray, and 8-Track was “better” than cassette. But if you’ve got a “losing” player, you’re not going to be able to watch the movies or listen to the music that you want because they aren’t made for the “losing” formats … Trying to stay on the “Android” theme, I went out and got a copy of Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot from Amazon for US$6.29 and from B&N for US$6.70 , then show you the experience I had with each in the two eBook readers.”