WorldNetDaily Still Chasing Down Andrew Breitbart Conspiracy Theories

Despite the fact that Steve Bannon, a filmmaker and executive chairman of the Breitbart News Network, has appealed to website WorldNetDaily to stop pursuing Andrew Breitbart death conspiracy theories, contributor Jerome R. Corsi goes down that road again. Bear in mind that the title of Corsi’s latest book is Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?

Along with what Corsi deems death by “suspicious causes” of a 61-year-old photographic technician at the LA Coroner’s office the day the preliminary Breitbart autopsy report was released, there is also the matter of 26-year-old Christopher Lasseter. The site thinks it’s strange that the only witness to Breitbart’s sidewalk collapse has seemingly gone into hiding:

At the request of WND, Ohio-based private investigator Susan Daniels recruited a California-based private investigator to find Lasseter. The local investigator tried without success to find a cell phone or landline phone number for Lasseter.

After determining that Lasseter lived with his parents, Thornton, age 64, and Elaine, age 56, at a Los Angeles address, the investigator visited the residence in-person to see if he could make contact. During the visit, the investigator reported, no one picked up the phone when he dialed the Lasseter apartment number outside the building. But he was greeted by a voice recording that identified different people at the apartment by first name, with none of the names on the recording being Christopher, Thornton or Elaine.

The investigator concluded Christopher Lasseter had “hunkered down” in what seemed to be an attempt to avoid further questioning.

The cause of the April 20 death of LA Coroner’s office employee Michael Cormier has yet to be confirmed. Autopsy results for his death are expected to be available around the end of this month.

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