Anderson Cooper Working Like Crazy As New Talk Show Nears Launch

As Anderson, the new daytime talk show starring Anderson Cooper, draws closer to launch, Cooper’s working to juggle the demands of that show with AC 360 in New York, TV NewsCheck says.

In case Cooper gets called away to do field reporting on a long-term assignment (as he did to cover Hurricane Katrina and the Haitian earthquake), he’ll need something for Anderson that can run while he’s gone. So he’s taping fifteen “evergreen” shows that can cover for him, and if he’s not in the field, he’ll tape a week’s worth of shows in three days in order to leave more time for reporting.

On his work schedule, he told TVNewsCheck:

I am always hesitant to kind of talk too much about it because, you know, I go to Afghanistan and spend time with Marines who are out on patrol in Helmand Province and what they go through on any given day makes my quote unquote busy-ness pale in comparison. So based on a real job, I know I am extraordinarily lucky and I am happy to be this busy. But I definitely don’t have any tricks or anything.

…Mono-tasking seems the reverse of what I should be trying to do, but otherwise I think I would spin off and become a crazed television person. I want to actually try to still be a real person.