Anderson Cooper Tells Young Aspiring Journalist To Get An Internship

So it’s not the most groundbreaking advice, perhaps, but maybe that’s because internships are still one of the best, if not the best, ways to land a job in journalism.

The context: Teenager Richard Brannon asked Anderson Cooper, who is responding to readers’ questions on Twitter as he gears up for his new show, how to get into journalism.

“Anderson, you’ve inspired me to go into reporting. Do you have any advice/tips for a 16 year old who wants to be a reporter/journalist?”

Cooper’s response was that Brannon should intern (“a great way to get your foot in the door, show them how hard you can work, and also let the organization see you, what you’re capable of. It also lets you see all aspects of the news business.”), and know how to write well. “Find your voice as a writer.”

“I wish you a lot of luck, maybe we’ll work together someday. I hope so.”

Anderson, while your advice was not mindblowing, it was pretty accurate (though we’re surprised you didn’t mention social media or the Internet during your 2 minute answer). And the best thing about the questioner being 16 and asking the question now: if he gets his unpaid internships out of the way in high school, maybe he won’t have to bankrupt himself during and after college.

Here’s the whole video.