Local Media Chase Down Gruesome Oslo Connection

From what we can tell, UK’s Daily Mail was the first publication to pick up over the weekend on the fact that Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik has a stepsister living in Los Angeles. The information is contained in his rambling, 1,500-page manifesto.

From there, Yahoo! foreign policy reporter Laura Rozen tweeted a link to the article, and by mid-Monday it was the full-fledged news van directive of the day. One of the first local media on the scene of the married mother of two’s alleged Century City residence was KNX 1070, which reported that a “Do Not Disturb” sign had been posted.

Another early local pick-up of this news was made by affiliated TV channel CBS 2. Each and every one of the early reader comments left in response to the item urged the media as a whole to leave this poor woman alone.

If other reports are correct, the alleged stepsister and her family high-tailed it out of Century City after being visited over the weekend by federal agents. For the time being, this may well have been the only reasonable option.