And the Lyrics To “Fool On The Hill” Become Suddenly Clear

During our trip to the 1960’s at the V&A in London, we discovered a rather odd and awesome design tidbit. Seems that while the Beatles were plotting world domination through music, they also hoped to revolutionize the retail experience. Their boutique, the Apple (not far from the Steve Jobs’ arch-enemy Apple Studio), was located on Baker Street in London, where they sold “beautiful things” designed or hand-picked by a Dutch collective known simply as The Fool. This dress featured in the Sixties Fashion show was one of their creations, and upstairs at the V&A, in the British graphics section, we found this poster which sold at the Apple and was also by The Fool. But alas, not even Dutch design could save the Apple boutique, which closed in 1968.

fooldress.jpg foolposter.jpg