And The Groom Shall Sing Karaoke…

By now, you’re well aware of the wedding between ABC News correspondent Andrea Canning and Tony Bancroft (the wedding that was set-up by ABC’s Martha Raddatz).

Well, a little YouTube video of Mr. Bancroft’s rendition of “Livin’ on a Prayer” on wedding night has made its way online. And homeboy’s got some energy (and better yet, he doesn’t even drink, so this is pure, sober fun).

Said one ABC’r to FishbowlDC after this event: “We all got up the next day and said ‘we gotta stop drinking! He is having way more fun than we are!'”

AND: You may have read the Reliable Source’s item today about a YouTube video from the wedding of Dana Bash & John King. Sadly, the video’s been taken down. BUT: You can still watch it here at AllThingsCNN. Click the below image to be redirected there.

Capture bashking.JPG