And Speaking of Mortal Sins…

Apparently Ken Courtney won’t have to look far for the inspiration for his next Indulgences collection. The Vatican has updated its list of seven deadly sins. Monsignor Gianfranco Girotti, the head of the Apostolic Penitentiary, put a modern spin on sin in his recent interview with a Vatican newspaper, citing new, 21st century-style mortal sins that read like C. Montgomery Burns‘ to-do list:
mr. burns.jpg

    The New Mortal Sins

  1. Genetic modification
  2. Carrying out experiments on humans
  3. Polluting the environment
  4. Causing social injustice
  5. Causing poverty
  6. Becoming obscenely wealthy
  7. Taking drugs

“I think it’s to remind people that sins are not just individual,” Father James Martin, acting publisher of the Jesuit magazine America, told NPR yesterday. “There’s also social sins…sins that affect the community at large and sins that an institution can engage in.” Fair enough, but we’d like to have a look at the Vatican’s Netflix queue. This new list of sins makes us suspect a recent papal screening of The Constant Gardener.