And More…

A post by Frank Ahrens:

    As for the matter of Kornheiser v. Farhi, surely Tony’s reaction is all part of his legendary “Insecure Guy” schtick that he has honed so brilliantly for so man years. I saw it all the time when I worked in Sports, when Tony would come out of his office and proclaim to all, “I’m not funny! Nobody LIKES me!”

    Hahahaha! How we laughed! That Tony!

    Tony must be experimenting with new and subtly brilliant forms of ground-breaking comic work in “attacking” his colleague and “lashing out” (he *kills* us!) at broadcast colleagues, such as ESPN’s Mike Golic. Truly, this is Andy Kaufman-like territory.

    Surely, this must be the case. After all, no rational person would act like that, right?