And in D.C. Elections News, Vince Gray

Everything old is new again.

Photo credit: dbking via Wikimedia Commons

Photo credit: dbking via Wikimedia Commons
Photo credit: dbking via Wikimedia Commons
He’s ba-ack, or will be, if former D.C. mayor Vince Gray makes it successfully through the Ward 7 elections.

Gray announced today on The Kojo Nnamdi Show his intention to run for a seat on the D.C. council as a Ward 7 representative.

Nnamdi wasted no time in asking Gray about his plans. “I’ve made a decision that I’m going to run for the Ward 7 seat,” Gray told Nnamdi at the top of the segment.

Ward 7 was where it all began for the Gray, who served as its rep from 2005-2007. In 2010 Gray successfully ran for mayor, but then lost his reelection run to Muriel Bowser amid a since-closed corruption investigation surrounding Gray’s 2010 campaign.

“Ward 7 is home,” Gray replied when asked about his decision to run for the Ward 7 seat instead of the at-large seat. “I’ve lived in Ward 7 for a very long time. I represented Ward 7 for two years before I ran for the council chair seat…. There’s any number of people who have come to me and asked me if I would consider running for the seat in Ward 7.”

Washington City Paper this week takes a look at all the dynamics of the council elections in its punnily titled “Ward War III” feature. Published before Gray confirmed his intentions, it features Gray in a speculative position.