Anatomy of a Trend Piece

pd3550-00.jpg1. The specialty media discovery. In Radar‘s April issue, a piece runs on celebrity inspired blow-up dolls. Focusing on the creations of blow-up doll baron Nick Orlandio, mention is made of a Sarah Jessica Parker model, “Sarah Jessica Porker Loves Sex In Her Sh***y“:

The most recent one [is] Sarah Jessica Porkher. The dolls are all about the box and artwork, because if you’ve seen the dolls, they’re miserable-looking. The SJP doll is funniest. We were able to take existing copy and have fun with it.

Keep in mind that Radar mentioned a variety of celebrity inspired dolls, folks. Not just Sarah Jessica Parker.

2. Around 1.5 weeks after the Radar piece hits newsstands, the New York Post discovers
the SJP blow up doll:

The Chatsworth, Calif., sex-toy company’s Web site touts the doll with mock laudatory newspaper reviews, like this one from “USGay Today”: “From laptops to lap dances, this high-class piece of a — is gonna show you her Lower East Side!”

“I would think HBO would make an effort to stop this on the basis of trademark infringement,” Brian Brokate, a Manhattan intellectual-property attorney, told The Post.

3. Blogs discover it.