Analysts Debate iPhone 4 Recall

Will Apple recall the iPhone 4? While we wait for tomorrow’s press conference to hear about how Apple will fix the phones, which many people use as eReaders, analysts are speculating.
Analyst Mike Abramsky thinks it is possible. Apple Insider reports: “‘While some have suggested Apple could provide cases or bumpers, in our view Apple may prefer to more permanently resolve the perceived issue, to avoid ongoing impacts to reputation and brand,’ Abramsky wrote.”
Analyst Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray thinks it is unlikely. From Apple Insider: “It is increasingly likely that the company will make an investment in the brand and calm the PR storm by offering current iPhone owners an in-store fix free of charge,” he wrote. “‘Specifically, we now believe there is a 50% chance the company offers a free modification to current iPhone owners and includes the modification on all future iPhone 4s.'”
UBS analyst Maynard Um also thinks recall is unlikely. From the Apple Insider piece: “He said if the solution presented by Apple is straight-forward, some may wonder why Apple didn’t just choose to announce it through a press release. Given the considerable media attention the issue has received, Um said that just isn’t an option for Apple.”
We await tomorrow’s press conference to find out.