Nashville to OC Register Columnist: Get Your Trash Talk Facts Straight

There’s some good old-fashioned sniping going on between beat reporters in Anaheim and Nashville ahead of tonight’s NHL playoff series between the Ducks and Predators. Only problem is Orange County Register columnist Jeff Miller left himself wide open for a body check with his careless take-down of the Tennessee burg.

J.R. Lind runs down the laziness of Miller’s reportage in a fun piece in the Nashville Scene titled “Puck a Duck: Why Anaheim Sucks.” He reminds his colleague that Hee Haw hasn’t been on the air since 1993 and that Cracker Barrel is headquartered in Lebanon:

Saying it’s headquartered in Nashville is sort of like saying a company that’s headquartered in – I dunno – let’s say Anaheim, for the sake of example, is headquartered in Los Angeles. And Miller makes fun of Cyruses Miley and Billy Ray – the former of whom made all her money as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Disney, so I think there’s plenty of blame to go around.

Lind runs down a whole bunch more of Anaheim’s least loveable aspects and links to similar pieces by several colleagues. He even dredges up the old chestnut of Klan member William Henry Head and the formation of Orange County. Gloves are definitely off.