An HD Post By UnBeigeHD


Speaking of tacking on meaningless titles, AdFreak has a really funny post about receiving a mailer from a napkin manufacturing company who claimed their product was “Napkin 2.0” and how it was also viral. We visited their site and found that not only are those things being used, but the company’s name is High Definition Napkin. That’s right, a napkin in HD. Reason being, the printing on the napkins is around photo quality. It’s a great idea that’ll likely make loads of money. But is it video? Does it fall into 1280×720 or 1920×1080? We’re really hoping this whole thing is a bit of self-aware fun, instead of just buzzword city. Otherwise it’ll have to join all those million products we see in the store like HD batteries, HD speakers and even rolls of Kodak film marked “HD.” For those involved in the production world, film adding “HD” is like asking to get married to your murderer before they kill you.