American Hiker Released From Iranian Prison After Nearly 14 Months

Sarah Shourd, one of three American hikers held in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison, has been set free. Iranian officials demanded a $500,000 “bail” for her release. Who, if anyone, actually paid the sum is uncertain. Her release was brokered by the Swiss embassy.

Shourd and her friends Shane Bauer and Joshua Fattal were arrested by Iranian officials after reportedly crossing the border between Iraq and Iran while on a hiking trip. They have been charged with espionage and tresspassing. Bauer is a freelance journalist and all three are graduates of UC Berkely. Bauer and Fattal are still being detained.

The families of the prisoners released a statement encouraging their release:

We applaud the Iranian authorities for showing compassion in Sarah’s case and again call on them to do the only right thing and release Shane and Josh immediately. Shane, Sarah and Josh are all innocent. They were traveling together, and were arrested together. We’re certain that Shane and Josh share our great happiness that Sarah is finally coming home. They deserve to come home too. Iran has no grounds to deprive them of their liberty a moment longer.

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