American Craft Crafts a New Website

Awhile back we hinted at the relaunch of American Craft, a 67-year-old magazine that found new life in the hands of editor Andrew Wagner and creative director Jeanette Abbink, who were both founding team members at Dwell. The third issue just landed in our hands and now they’ve even got a pretty new website to match their pretty new magazine.

Designed by Brooklyn-based design team Renda Morton and Holly Gressley, the website maintains the attentiveness of the publication, with dedication to patterns and type. The current issue has nice pieces on Lenore Tawney and Heath Ceramics, but back articles are on there, too, including the not-to-be-missed profile of craft heartthrobs Steven and William Ladd. Damn! Take those boys outta the kiln, they are plenty hot!

Something else you might like is the Blog Beat column, where they capture pithy comments from craft blog contributors and commenters. And might we mention to all devotees of the former mag (who keep writing confused letters to the editor), the publication’s extremely comprehensive Calendar–with craft shows, exhibitions and events worldwide–can now found exclusively online.

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