American Art Museum Selects Titles for The Art of Video Games Exhibition

Back in February, you might recall, the Smithsonian‘s American Art Museum launched a kind of crowdsourced curating effort, asking people to vote for titles to display as part of next year’s The Art of Video Games exhibition. So popular was the site that it crashed due to the volume of visitors almost immediately and then was extended for several weeks to make sure they’d be able to both capture all the votes and garner that much more attention for what’s sure to be one of their most popular exhibitions in recent history. Now the list of the 80 winning games has been announced (pdf). Browsing through the list, you’ll see of course you have your expected fare, like Pac-Man and Super Mario Brothers, but there are a handful of surprises in there as well, like 1983’s Commodore 64 game, Attach of the Mutant Camels, which is the first thing we’re eager to check out when the exhibition opens in March of 2012. Here’s video of the official announcement of the winning games, apparently shot inside of the Smithsonian’s private spaceship: