American Airlines and GoGo Broadening In-flight Video over WiFi Service

We learned back in May about American Airlines testing in-flight WiFi video streaming.

American Airlines Testing Inflight Streaming Video over WiFi

American Airlines is starting to roll the service out more broadly this month. The service is primarily available on transcontinental flight aboard 767-200 aircraft. TV shows cost 99 cents while movies are priced at $3.99. You do not need to buy WiFi Internet service to watch TV shows or movies over WiFi.

American Airlines will start an introductory special starting on August 15 that will give people who try “Entertainment On Demand” free WiFi Internet service on their next flight.

Here are the instructions for setting up for Entertainment on Demand:

1. Connect to gogoinflight Wi-Fi signal and launch your browser from your Wi-Fi enabled laptop.*
2. Click on the Entertainment On Demand banner ad on the right side of the Wi-Fi welcome screen.
3. If you have a previous version (10.0 or earlier) of Flash installed, you will be prompted to update it.
4. Select your movie or TV program.
5. Create an account or log in when prompted.
6. Accept the installation of a video player plug-in, if prompted.
7. Click “Watch” to enjoy your program!

American Airlines Entertainment On Demand

Via TechCrunch: In-Flight Personal Device Video Streaming To 767 Fleet

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