Amazon’s Appstore is Now Accepting HTML5 Web Apps

Amazon is now letting developers submit URLs for HTML5 web apps and mobile websites to the Amazon Appstore and distribute mobile web content without using third party software or doing any native app development.

Like other Amazon apps, these HTML5 apps support Amazon logins and have A/B testing tools. Developers can even create in-app purchases within these apps through Amazon’s API, which lets them add sales of digital goods within their apps.

“We’ve heard from developers that making their web apps available for mobile devices is hard because many times it means rewriting their app, which takes extra time and often requires third party tools,” stated Mike George, VP of Amazon Appstore, Games and Cloud Drive. “By launching support for HTML5 web apps in the Mobile App Distribution Program, we’re giving web developers the tools they need and all the benefits that native apps already enjoy in the Amazon Appstore and on Kindle Fire. This opens up new possibilities—starting with faster discovery, access to tools for increased monetization, and the ability to reach new customers for greater exposure.”

Follow this link for more details on how to develop and distribute apps through Amazon.