Amazon Won’t Let UK Publishers Set eBook Prices

UK publishers will not get to set eBook pricing for Amazon’s new UK Kindle store. This is a shift from the U.S. model, in which publishers do finally get to set the price.
It will be interesting to see if publishers accept this or choose to push Amazon to adopt an agency model, as happened in the United States.
Steve Kessel, senior vice president of Amazon Kindle told The Bookseller, that the UK is the only market outside the United States that will have a localized Kindle store. The new Kindles went on presale this morning on Amazon’s UK website, the first time the Kindle has been available for sale on Amazon’s UK site.
The Bookseller has more: “He also denied Amazon was approaching agents with a view to penning deals similar to the Andrew Wylie’s controversial Odyssey Editions. He said: ‘Wylie came to us and said he had a series of books he wanted to sell through the Kindle store. We are not out there contacting agents. When we do talk to folks we tell them work with their publishers to get their backlist cleared and digitised.'”