Amazon Tablet Rumors Continue

More details have emerged about the tablet that Amazon is rumored to me building. According to a report in DigiTimes, Amazon has added a third supplier for its 7-inch touch screens.

DigiTimes has more: “Amazon, considering that the supply of 7-inch touch panels by Wintek and JTouch may not be sufficient for use in its tablet PCs, has decided to add TPK Holding as a third supplier, according to industry sources. In response to reported concerns about Amazon shifting orders to TPK, Wintek and JTouch clarified that orders have not been lost, and that clients selecting additional suppliers when supply is tight is reasonable. Wintek stressed that it will start production of touch panels for Amazon as originally scheduled, with shipments to begin in September.”

Prior rumors have hinted at a 10-inch touchscreen as well. Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has not denied the existence of the new device. In an interview with Consumer Reports back in May, when asked about a Kindle tablet, he said to “stay tuned.”

Via The Digital Reader.