Amazon Signs Deal to Stream CBS TV Shows

Amazon is still playing catch up to Netflix, and today it got 1 step closer.

This morning Amazon announced a deal with CBS. Amazon will now be able to sell, rent, and stream any of 2 thousand television shows from CBS’s library of content. There’s no word on the amount of money exchanged.

The agreement will enable Amazon Prime customers to watch full seasons of 18 current and past CBS shows, including Frasier, Cheers, The Tudors, Numb3rs, Medium, and the complete original Star Trek franchise. This new addition will bring the total number of streaming content available to Amazon Prime customers to 8,000 movies and TV episodes.

Netflix recently added a similar set of content to its streaming video offering, and it actually added more. For example, Netflix has 4 of the 5 Star Trek series available for streaming, while Amazon offers only the original series. In spite of Netflix’s recent price  increase, it still appears to offer a better value.