Amazon Kindle eBook eLoaning Possible Now with Some Restrictions

It took a long time (over a decade by my reckoning) but ebooks finally arrived in a big way in 2010. The 3rd generation Kindle (and its lower price), the iPad, and Amazon’s ecommerce infrastructure provided, I believe, the basis for everything coming together this year. Ebooks provide a number of advantages over paperbooks. But, there are still a number of advantages old fashioned dead tree technology has over ebooks. One advantage over the Kindle, until this week, has been the ease of loaning a book to someone. This week, Amazon started providing a way to loan Kindle ebooks. It is not perfect but looks like a good start.

Kindle book lending quietly goes live (electronista)

– Not all Kindle books are eligible for e-loaning. This is determined by the publisher or author.
– It appears that a Kindle book can only be loaned once.
– The loan period is a maximum of two weeks.
– The loan can only be initiated from the account holder’s Amazon web page.

You can read a brief list of instructions to loan a Kindle ebook here:

How to Loan a Kindle Book (Kindle Stuff)