Amazon Kindle 6-inch Model Out of Stock. Plenty of the new Black DX 9.7-inch Model

Here’s a somewhat surprising development reported by SlashGear.
Amazon Kindle Sold Out: No Estimated Date of Availability
There are a couple of possible ways to interpret this news:
(a) The iPad did not damage the Kindle’s appeal
(b) Related to (a) – Amazon severely underestimated demand
(c) There is a serious component shortage in the Kindle production supply chain
(d) As SlashGear notes, it may indicate another new Kindle model is in the queue and Amazon is clearing out the sales channel
Fortunately, Amazon has diversified ebook sales by making Kindle apps available for a wide variety of desktop and mobile platforms. This Kindle availability issue (if it is an issue for Amazon) probably won’t create a major ebook sales slowdown for Amazon.
Note that this issue is only true for the 6-inch display model. The new Kindle DX model with the 9.7-inch display is in stock.