Amazon Game Studios Releases First Mobile Game – ‘Air Patriots’

It looks like publishing isn’t the only industry under assault from Amazon. The retail giant has just announced their second game and it is called Air Patriots.

This game falls in the crowded “tower defense” category.  Like many other games in this genre, the pieces will only move down a particular track on the game board, and the player’s goal is to place defenses so that they can concentrate enough firepower to destroy the enemy.To be honest, if you’ve seen one game from this genre then you’ve seen them all. Some might have a few interesting quirks (Desktop Tower Defense, for example) but the idea is the same.

But the quirks can make a game worthwhile, and Air Patriots isn’t the boring cookie cutter game one might expect. Rather than have fixed defense points, in this game you get to pick the path that the airplanes fly. This opens up some interesting possibilities for focusing the firepower on multiple points on a map.

The game is free to play on Android and iOS, though Amazon does sell upgrades inside the game. You can find out more, and also download the game, on the Amazon Games Studio website.

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