Amazon Cloud Player Launches in France, the UK, & Germany

Amazon has launched their cloud-based music app in three new countries. Music aficionados in Germany, the UK and France can now upload their music to Amazon’s servers and then stream the music to virtually any device with a web browser.

The Amazon Cloud Player iOS app is also now available in those three countries, thus giving Amazon even more places in the world where the retail giant competes with Apple.

Note that you’ll have to upload the music before you can play it, a process that is designed to be as simple as possible. Space is limited to 250 songs (in addition to the ones bought from Amazon), but if you upgrade to the premium service the limit will be increased to 250,000 songs.

Early reports suggest that Amazon is still working the bugs out of the process. The price for the premium service still listed in dollars, and the Cloud Player doesn’t seem to currently be finding all MP3 purchases made via Amazon.