Amazon $139 WiFi-Only Kindle Redefines the eBook Market Again: No More iPad vs. Kindle. Now iPad + Kindle

I admit it. I was ready to assign Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader hardware to a vertical market niche bin of hardcore book readers (2 or more books per month). But, in my opinion, the $139 Kindle WiFi-only product books the Kindle back in the game.
Announcing a New Generation of Kindle: The All-New Kindle is Smaller, Lighter, and Faster, with 50 Percent Better Contrast

The $139 WiFi only ebook reader will be released on August 27. Amazon is currently offering free two-day shipping on the pre-order page. The new Kindle also features a higher contrast e-ink display and is lighter than older Kindle models. Battery life and storage have also been increased.
My current belief is that it is no longer an iPad vs. Kindle zero-sum game. At $139, there is probably a significant group of even current iPad owners considering pre-ordering the WiFi-only Kindle. I know I am.
Via Engadget: Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6″ Display, Graphite – Latest Generation