ESPN Reporter Takes a Wine Bath with Amar’e Stoudemire

Picking up where a fall 2014 social media flurry left off, Sam Alipour enjoys a privileged dip

Basketball star Amare StoudemireOne of ESPN The Magazine senior writer Sam Alipour’s final questions for the New York Knick, while sharing a therapeutic wine bath at Tribeca’s Aire Ancient Baths, was: “Is this the strangest interview you’ve ever done?”

And like a great many final scores this 2014-15 NBA season at Madison Square Garden, it’s not even close. Indeed, Amar’e Stoudemire replied, the setting was “by far… hands down” the strangest interview he’s done.

Alipour’s article takes the form of a time-stamped diary. We urge you to savor the full chronicle. But here is just a whiff of the journalistic bouquet:

7:53: Hey, since we’re getting deep: Was his increasingly faux-furry wardrobe inspired by the costumes in Coming to America? “I’m definitely not going after the Eddie Murphy look,” he assures me. “It’s extremely cold here in New York and it does require fur sometimes.”

For Knicks fans seeking relief from this year’s run, the complete “Red Wine Ritual” costs $500 and relies, for the soak portion, on a vintage imported from Spain.
[Photo: Karen Struthers/]