Alpha Trainer, Tapjoy team to offer advertising-sponsored custom workouts


If working up a good sweat via fitness app is one of your New Year’s resolutions, then Alpha Trainer and Tapjoy have an offer that will help you burn fat without burning a hole in your wallet.

In exchange for interacting with ads (watching videos, for example), Alpha Trainer’s Android users will be able to cash-in virtual currency in order to gain access to premium content, including a 14-week training program.

Alpha Trainer (currently the #102 Health and Fitness app according to AppData) typically sells its subscriptions for $9.99 per month.

“The Alpha Trainer app is setting the course of innovative and alternative payment methods for consumers to enjoy more than 100,000 customized fitness programs,” said Rob Barnett, head of strategic partnerships, Tapjoy. “Enabling consumers to watch a video or engage with an ad to further their fitness regimen makes Alpha Trainer, and its professional quality workout programs, accessible and affordable to more consumers across the globe.”

The partnership follows in the footsteps of Tapjoy’s rewarded advertising program within the app My Diet Coach, where users showed in overwhelming numbers that they’d rather interact with sponsors in exchange for premium content than paying even $0.99 up front.

Within the My Diet Coach app, users were given “Coach Credits” for engaging in ads from brands like Hulu and Discover Card. Simply watching a few adds earned enough credits to upgrade the app to premium levels.

According to Tapjoy, there was a 41-percent increase in customers upgrading to premium content, with additional sales leading to a 28-percent increase in ARPU (average revenue per user).  Today, Tapjoy accounts for 30-percent of the app’s total revenue, including both in-app purchases and other forms of advertising. In addition, the average number of sessions within My Diet Coach have increased 17-percent per user.

Alpha Trainer creator, Nido Labs, is hoping for similar results.

“Partnering with Tapjoy enables us to make our fitness and motivational tools more cost-effective to consumers, while enabling us to further monetize our offering,” said Paul Kim, founder and CEO Alpha Trainer.  “Making our professional training content available through a new free-to-access model establishes a new opportunity for how people can stay in shape.”