Relaunches|Roker Ready To Set Alarm Hour Earlier|Murdoch To Buy Daily News?|Tips For Freelancers|Consumers May Be Willing To Pay For Web Videos

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WebNewser: Time Inc. has relaunched the companion Web site for All You magazine. With the recession in mind, the site now features a “Coupons and Deals” channel powered by and the “All You Daily Savings” blog.

TVNewser: Guess Al Roker is really a morning person. Today he started promoting his new morning show on The Weather Channel that he’ll host with Stephanie Abrams. The new show will cover weather, news, and entertainment and will air from 6 to 7 a.m. EST, so Roker can then trek over to his regular gig at “Today.”

AOL DailyFinance: Could Rupert Murdoch be eyeing the New York Daily News?

Wall Street Journal: We are hearing more stories every day about freelancers who are owed payment. Here’s some helpful advice to help you get paid on time.

MarketWatch: A new study shows that consumers may be more willing to purchase video content online than was previously believed.