Insider’s Guide To AllTwitter Marketing Conference, June 4, San Francisco

The first-ever AllTwitter Marketing Conference (June 4, SF) is now just a few days away, and with a lineup that includes PeopleBrowsr, Buffer, Nestivity, DataSift, Topsy, Mass Relevance, the San Francisco Giants, Rallyverse and NASA, this is one event that you don’t want to miss!

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In this post we’ll take a closer look at the scheduled sessions, panels and speakers for the 2013 #AllTwitterConf.

From Social Network To Media Giant – What Is The Future Of Twitter? (9.00-9.45am)

Moderator: Lauren Dugan (Social Media Marketing Consultant, Author,
Panelists: Jamie de Guerre (VP Product, Topsy), Joe Doran (CEO, Rallyverse), Steve Gaither (President/CEO, JB Chicago), Adam Schoenfeld (Co-founder/CEO, Simply Measured), Ming Wu (Vice President of Client Services, DataSift)

What is Twitter? Is it a media or tech company? More importantly, what is it hoping to become, and what does that mean for brands and marketers? This keynote panel session will discuss the future of Twitter, identifying the micro-blogging platform’s current status within the social space, its growing importance as a marketing tool and look at what’s next. Where will Twitter be this time next year? What about ten years from now? Is Twitter already more important than Facebook? What price a Twitter IPO – and when? Is Twitter’s advertising platform as “cool” as CEO Dick Costolo promised? Aside from ads, how can Twitter make money? Learn all this, and more, in this fascinating session.

Influence Matters: The Future Of Social Intelligence (9.45-10.30am)

Speaker: Jodee Rich (CEO, Peoplebrowsr/Kred)

Social media is creating a global collective consciousness that is rapidly shifting the power base from big business, religion and government to the consumer. In this fascinating session you will learn about the evolution of social analytics and influence scores, the importance of influence today (and what this means for tomorrow), the benefits social credibility brings to people, brands and institutions and the future of social intelligence.

Twitter: Radio For A New Age (10.30-11.15am)

Speaker: Jeff Dauler (The Bert Show)

Radio was the must-go place for breaking news, community updates, and entertaining personalities … sound familiar? Remember your favorite morning show or night jock? Twitter is the radio of this age, with people gathering around their streams to hear about the latest news, gossip or information. And people now rely on Twitter personalities the way they used to rely on deejays to keep them entertained. The same rules that made radio stations great and air personalities larger-than-life can be applied to brands and people on Twitter. Jeff Dauler is a radio personality with over two decades of experience growing audiences, who has taken his radio programming knowledge and applied it to social media. The concepts are simple. Once you hear them and hear how your favorite radio station uses them, you’ll never use Twitter (or listen to the radio) the same way again.

The Real-Time Social Experience: Entertainment, Media And Publishing In The Age Of Twitter (11.45-12.30pm)

Speaker: Josh Rickel (Vice President of Media and Entertainment, Mass Relevance)

Media and entertainment have forever been altered by social media. The proliferation of Twitter and other social platforms are driving content that passes us by faster than ever before – making audience engagement harder and harder. Brands are forced to architect new experiences that engage audiences across multiple screens, simultaneously, integrating real-time social experiences into digital and TV properties designed to reach new fans and connect viewers. In this session you will learn how TV broadcasters are boosting audience participation by integrating real-time social content into TV graphics and on-set screens, how news media are discovering, filtering and displaying real-time social conversations to improve storytelling, and how publishers and entertainment brands are creating new advertising experiences and building engaged audiences.

How Professional Sports are Monetizing through Social Media (1.45-2.30pm)

Moderator: Jason Mitchell (Co-founder, Movement Strategy)
Panelists:  Kevin Cote (Director, Digital Marketing, Golden State Warriors), Patrick Hooper (Digital Content Developer, San Jose Sharks), Sam Laird (Writer, Mashable), Jonathan Martinez (Database Marketing Manager, Oakland Raiders), Bryan Srabian (Social Media Director, San Francisco Giants)

There is lots of talk these days about acquiring fans, building community, two-way conversations, etc, but significantly less is written about how these things correlate to driving the bottom line. In this panel, we’ll discuss how professional sports teams and leagues measure the ROI of their social media actions and specifically what they are doing to drive incremental revenue through Twitter and Facebook. Is social media more significant for driving revenue through ticket sales or merchandise? What do sponsorship deals on Twitter and Facebook look like? We will tackle these questions and more throughout this diverse panel comprised of representatives from top professional sports organizations.

The Truth About Twitter: Everything You’ve Ever Needed To Know (And Some Things That You Didn’t) (2.30-3.15pm)

Speaker: Brandon Mendelson (Social Media Is Bullshit)

In 2007, way before the social media gurus, comedians, journalists, celebrities and the media, Brandon (aka B.J.) Mendelson signed up for Twitter. In this session, he recounts what he’s learned about the service in a way that’s immediately actionable, based upon his time on the Suggested User List, having a verified account with three-quarters of a million followers, and spending three years researching the platform and testing what does and doesn’t work for his book, Social Media Is Bullshit. B.J. has found many positive ways to use Twitter, but you probably haven’t heard about them because nobody has told you the truth – until now. This is the presentation where you will learn everything you need to know about Twitter – and some things you didn’t – that can be immediately applied to your company or organization.

How To Use Twitter For Business: Tools, Tips And Tactics For Effective Social Media Marketing (3.15-4.00pm)

Moderator: Mary C. Long (Co-editor, AllTwitter)
Panelists: Jeff Elder (Social Lead,, Devon Glenn (Editor, Social Times), Rob Leathern (CEO, Optimal), Chris Tuff (SVP, Director of Earned and Emerging Media, 22squared), Leo Widrich (Co-founder, Buffer)

So you’ve signed your business up on Twitter – now what? Twitter comes with a pretty steep learning curve, and brands and marketers looking to use the platform to raise awareness and boost website footfall need to ensure that they’re using the right tools at all times to empower them to work smarter – not harder. Which official and third-party apps and services enable brands to generate the greatest levels of engagement and maximize ROI? Does mobile marketing on Twitter require an entirely different strategy? Learn this, and more, in this informative panel session, with key takeaways that are immediately actionable into Twitter marketing tactics for your brand, products and services.

Turning Twitter Followers Into Your Best Customers: How To Attract, Engage And Convert On Twitter (4.30-5.15pm)

Moderator: Mark Fidelman (CEO, Evolve! Inc)
Panelists: Henry Min (CEO, Nestivity), Kristi Hines (Writer and Blogger,, John Yembrick (Social Media Manager, NASA)

The number of followers you have on Twitter has always been a hollow metric – unless you’re actively engaging with and converting that community, it’s simply another number. Highlighting case studies of brands and influencers that excel at using Twitter to leverage a large audience, this session will address how to best attract, engage and manage a growing community on Twitter, with concrete takeaways for amplifying your brand’s reach, organizing your followers into advocates and converting interest into action.

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