Allison Hemming to Legacy Media Pros: ‘Your Best Career Survival Skill is Adaptability’

Mr. Magazine may have some good news about the print climate in 2010 so far, but it’s not exactly a secret that the recession is still taking a toll on the media job market, especially for those with “legacy jobs.” So what’s a print pro to do in this exceptionally competitive climate? Writer Jennifer Pullinger tapped career expert Allison Hemming, president and “Top Gun” of The Hired Guns, for her advice. Ahead of Hemming’s talk on building a 21st century career strategy at Mediabistro Career Circus August 4, Pullinger asked, “How will the economy impact how competitive the media job market is in the next year?”

“The recession has forced belt-tightening as well as innovation across the entire media landscape, from publishers to agencies. Regardless of what’s happening in the economy, the jobs that will be most competitive will be “legacy jobs,” e.g. the ones that will eventually go away because the Internet will disintermediate them.”

“There’s a lot of talent supply here, which makes landing and keeping a job more challenging. If you’re in one of these jobs, you need to start figuring out a game plan for how to transfer your skill set. Today, your best career survival skill is adaptability.”

Allison Hemming shares tips on achieving your media career goals in her upcoming panel discussion at Mediabistro Career Circus on August 4 in New York.