All You Need to Explain the Trump Administration Departures Is This New Yorker Cartoon

Picture is worth a thousand, and all that

When it is all over, the story of the Trump administration, while inspiring enough text to likely fill the Library of Alexandria, if it still existed, could probably be best told with a few key cartoons.

There is of course the This Is Fine meme, based off of KC Green’s comic, that is an apt explanation to the how-did-this-happen question we’ll be asking for years, decades, however long we’ll need to provide a sufficient answer to posterity.

But if that’s an evergreen illustration for the admin in the general sense, there’s a New Yorker cartoon for the specific case of the Trump admin’s HR woes, evergreen as long as turnover continues apace, as it has six months and 6+ departed/fired Trump admin appointees later.

The New Yorker trotted out this cartoon, by Peter Kuper, five days ago, sandwiched in between Sean Spicer’s resignation as press secretary in response to Anthony Scaramucci being named communications director, and Reince Priebus’ Scaramucci-adjacent ouster.

A cartoon by @kuperart. #TNYcartoons

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The circle was closed today, when the New Yorker reupped the cartoon once news broke that it was Scaramucci’s turn to exit the building.

Mooch out. A cartoon by @kuperart. #TNYcartoons

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